Are you Asexual?
This is to determine if you're apart of the Asexual spectrum.
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Do you enjoy One Night Stands?
No, I can't have sex or be sexual with anyone unless a form of trust if formed.
Eh.. I like one night stands with food?
No? That's gross, I don't enjoy sex at all.
I enjoy sex, but I don't do one night stands. I would probably do friends with benefits though.
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What would be your idea of a perfect relationship?
Have huge emotional connection with that person, sex here and there, movies, food, cuddling.
Lots and lots and lots of sex.
Lots of cuddling, naps, and food. And NO sex.
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If you were with someone at a bar, and they said, "Lets go to my place, so i can show you a good time." how would you react?
Look I'm down, but as long as having a good time includes cuddling or tv or food.. just NO SEX K
I love sex, I just don't want it with just anyone.
Probably make up an excuse to leave. I always avoid sexual encounters.
Depends if I knew them well enough to form a sexual attraction.
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Would you press a button that gives you the greatest bf/gf in the world. You just can't have sex with them.
what no way!! I love sex too muchhh
Well that would be a problem because if I loved them, then that would be the only time I would want to have sex...
My life doesn't revolve around sex, but I want to have sex with my bf/gf even if I didn't love them. It could create a bond.
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You see someone that is very good looking. They start to strip, your reaction?
I don't even know this person *stuffs breadsticks in pockets* i need to leave immediately.
fk yea *takes off clothes as well*
AYYYYE WOAH NO UH *stuffs breadsticks in pockets* I HAVE TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY
Well I'm not going to have sex with him unless we go on a date first so i can catch his name!
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