Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
Take this quiz to find out if you're an extrovert or an introvert. Or maybe something else? :)
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How do you feel in big crowds?
It's stressful. I feel irritated, and sometimes even claustrophobic.
Depends on my mood.
I love being surrounded with people! It makes me feel alive!
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Your friend asks you "Hey, wanna go to the club with us tonight?" Your answer is:
"Yeah...okay. Sure." you say.
"Hell yeah!" you say as you high five your friend "Who else is coming??" you ask.
"Sorry, but no. I have other plans. Maybe some other time." you say.
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You're home alone, bored out of your mind. What are you gonna do?
Listen to music, watch TV, read, write,... Just all in all, relax.
Watch some TV, call my friends, anything goes. :)
Call my friends and arrange to go out somewhere. :D
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Would you say you have an old soul?
My friends tell me that sometimes I'm very mature and other times a complete kid.
Most likely, yes.
No, I'm actually pretty immature and hyper.
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What is your personality?
Quiet, wise, artistic, a dreamer, a fighter.
Funny, happy, outgoing around the people I know, shy around strangers.
Happy, bubbly, loud, enjoying the life.
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What are your friends like?
They are outgoing and love to have fun, like me.
Most of them are outgoing and funny but I have a few shy friends too.
They love to go out so they always try to drag me out of the house.
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