Are You An Animal Person?
How much do you love dogs and cats, roosters and lizards? Find out now!
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You see a homeless dog in the street. What do you do?
I take it to a shelter.
I ignore it.
I try to hit it with my car.
I take it to my house. I’m keeping it!
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Which of the following sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday?
A trip to the zoo.
Volunteering at the pet shelter!
Hunting deer in the forest.
Boiling live lobsters for a dinner party at your home!
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What do you think about bullfighting?
It’s an outrage—a barbarous, heinous crime that dares call itself a sport.
It’s an unfair fight.
It’s a tradition.
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You’re on a long flight and you realize that the woman sitting next to you has her dog with her in a carrier. What do you think?
Seriously? Do I really have to smell her dog for the whole entire flight? I’m changing seats.
How cute!
As long as she doesn’t take it out of that carrier, I won’t complain.
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You’re buying makeup at a drugstore. What do you do?
I read labels to make sure that the product I buy is cruelty free.
I stand outside the store in protest. How dare they sell products that have been tested on animals!
Buy whatever product works best for me.
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You’re going on vacation. What do you do with your pet?
I don’t have a pet.
I leave it alone with a ton of food and water.
I leave my pet with someone I trust.
There’s no vacation without my pet—it’s coming with me!
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You see a child in the park trying to feed a stray animal. What do you do?
I congratulate the child for treating animals kindly, and then adopt the animal and take it home.
I help the child feed the animal.
I mind my own business.
I tell the child’s parents.
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How do you feel about PETA?
They’re a bunch of psychotic wackos.
Who’s PETA?
PETA is an important organization that I wholly respect and appreciate.
I love their ad campaigns!
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Have you ever forwarded a cat video, funny dog meme, or any other cute animal-related email or message to family and friends?
No. Those are so annoying!
I do that all the time! I can't resist sharing the cuteness!
Once or twice.
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After petting a freshly groomed and clean dog, how long would you wait to wash your hands?
I wouldn't pet a dog, not even a fresh and clean one.
Immediately afterwards. I don't like the feeling of dander on my hands.
I don't know, I wouldn't think about it.
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