Are You a Leader?
Do you follow the leader? Or are you the leader that others follow? Take this quiz to find out.
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You are at the grocery store when an elderly woman in the same aisle appears to be having a heart attack. What do you do?
Start screaming for help.
Look around for the manager of the store.
Rush to her side, assess her condition, and call 911 immediately.
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You want to go out but the rest of your family wants to stay in. What happens?
We all end up staying at home.
I tell them how interesting my plans are and soon everyone is excited to go!
If the rest of my family wants to stay in, I’ll just go by myself. No biggie.
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You forget to prepare an important document at work and it is needed right away. What do you do?
Realize that someone else failed to provide the information they were supposed to – and make sure everyone knows that fact.
Admit your mistake and find a co-worker to help you complete it quickly.
Admit your mistake, apologize, and get the document prepared as quickly as possible, even if it means pulling an all-nighter.
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You have set certain rules in place. Do you ever break them, or allow others to break them, depending on the circumstances?
Absolutely. Rules are made to be broken.
Sometimes. Not all the time. But when it makes sense to do so, sure.
Absolutely not. That way lies madness.
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Are you an anxious person?
Yes, I tend to be a bit of a worrier. Maybe it’s because I am a perfectionist.
No, I never worry about anything.
Not really. I only feel anxious when something goes terribly wrong.
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Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist?
I’m a pessimist. And you know, research shows that pessimists are more realistic than anyone else.
It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes I’m optimistic and sometimes I’m pessimistic.
I’m an optimist, all the way. Always looking on the bright side!
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One of your employees bursts into tears. What do you do?
If that happened, I’d be likely to burst into tears, too!
Ignore it. I have no time for that sort of childish behaviour in the workplace.
I take the person aside, offer him or her a tissue, and try to find out what is wrong.
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Do you believe that your work has to interest you in order to do a good job?
Yes, I think people need to be interested in their work over the long run, or they won’t be able to keep up the pace.
Sure. I can’t concentrate on anything that doesn’t interest me. Which is why I am on the internet right now, doing this quiz, instead of working!
No, I think a good worker will do even a boring job well. That’s why it’s called “work,” not “fun.”
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Do you always do what you say you’re going to do?
Do be do be do.
Not always. Sometimes it’s important to change your plans.
Yes, I do. With tap shoes on.
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