Are You a Good Wife?
Find out!
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How long have you and your spouse been married?
More than 25 years
6 to 10 years
16 to 25 years
1 to 5 years
11 to 15 years
Less than 1 year
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Where did you and your spouse first meet?
At work
On vacation
At school
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If you were to describe to a friend why you got married, what would you say?
'We're best friends...'
'We could never live without each other...'
'Marriage just made sense...'
'We make each other better...'
'We make each other happy...'
'We wanted to build a life together...'
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Say you and your spouse won a contest for an all-expense-paid night out on the town. What would you do?
Dinner and a movie, of course.
See the new art exhibit
I don't care. I'll just be happy to spend time together.
Whatever makes my spouse happy
We're married. We don't go out.
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What is the process of making decisions in your household?
My spouse has the final word
It depends on the issue
We arrive at a decision together
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How would you describe your experience of making love to your spouse?
We both put forth effort to please each other.
Mind blowing!
I am more adventurous than my spouse.
I never want it to end!
Every time the same position.
We talk more than I would like.
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When your spouse returns home from work, how do you greet him/her?
With 'Guess what I heard about today...'
With a kiss and, 'What do you want for dinner?'
With a foot massage
With a hug and, 'How was your day?'
With no clothes on...
With a drink and his/her houseslippers
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On an average day, how much help do you get from your spouse around the house?
I have to stop my spouse from doing my job!
We work together
I get help for the most part
I always have to ask for help
I get help regularly
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On a scale of 0 to 5, rate the amount of pleasure you get from caring for your spouse:
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How do you decide what movie to watch?
We normally watch what I want to watch.
We normally watch what my spouse wants to watch.
We usually want to watch the same thing.
We compromise.
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When you and your spouse fight, it's normally about:
We never fight.
The big life decisions.
Little things that don't mean much.
We can fight about anything. But the making up is always the best part.
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Which do you think is the most important part of a relationship:
All of the above!
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