Are you a Demon or Angel?
Are you an angel or a demon? have you ever done something really wicked? or have you done something pure of heart? or have you done a little bit of both? Are you an Angel at heart or a bad to the bone Demon? or if your kind of lucky both!
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You're walking home from school with a pile of books, you walk for about half an hour when you're almost home but notice the mean girl/boy from your school getting picked on by some other kids you...
C. Call the cops and try to help them/Walk off remembering all the pained they caused you.
D. Call the cops for them but leave quickly, you don't want to be the next victim
B. Join in on beating and picking on them, Payback is a b**** with a sweet side of revenge
A. Go over to help and protect them, sure they are mean but hey your not that person to let someone get her no matter what they do to you.
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Your younger Brother/Sister or both maybe, got into a fight and won but came out with a black eye and a broken nose, you...
C. Get mad over your hurt sibling but you two eat (favorite food) and calm down.
B. Get mad that someone hurt your sibling/you don't really care.
A. High five them for winning and ask for the kid's name because of the two thing they did to your younger sibling, your getting payback no matter how old.
D. You think it's wrong that your sibling and the other child went to violence and teach your younger sibling it's not good to hurt others.
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You just got grounded staying out past ten thirty, so they make you stay in your room for a whole week, you...
D. Think about your mistake.
C. Play loud music to annoy your parent's.
B. Play on your electronics, they never said you couldn't have them.
A. Sneak out "I'm not going to stay here I have a life unlike them."
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Your best friend is having a party and she didn't give you an invite, you...
C. Doesn't mind not being invited.
B. Get up in their face, it's not a party if your not there!
A. Shrug it off and just go, their your best friend invites are no longer your thing, you just show up to the party.
D. Get's mad and tell them off/ Shrug it off not caring.
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The person you loved the most was murdered, and your at the killer's trial, you...
C. Feel lot's of pain/ Misses them a lot wishing they could come back.
B. Get up and beat the crap out the murder a life for a life.
D. Believe they are in a better place, even though letting go is hard.
A. Cry softly and not saying a word nor looking at the killer that took the person you cared most for away.
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