Are You a Cat or a Dog?
Do you bark or do you meow?
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Your best friend has lost their job, can't pay rent and is going to have to move out of their apartment. How do you help?
I loan them some money to pay their rent.
I let them crash at my place for a while.
I take them on a weekend trip to help get their mind off their problems.
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You're in the park on a Saturday afternoon. What are you most likely doing?
Meeting up with friends
Reading a book
Having a picnic
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What wakes you up in the morning?
My alarm clock.
A family member.
The sun.
My pet.
Nothing! I just sleep as long as I like.
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What is your favorite seafood?
I don't like seafood.
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What annoys you the most about your neighbors?
My neighbors don't annoy me.
Their kids.
When they play their music or TV too loud.
Their pets.
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Which wild animal would you best like to have as a (completely tamed) pet?
Mountain lion
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You visit a close family member for a week. Do you feel more at home or like a guest?
I feel like I'm an odd combination of the two. This can sometimes make it difficult to know how to act.
I feel like a guest. Which can be very nice.
I feel at home. Family always makes me feel that way.
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Which are you happier in?
Neither. I can't stand extreme temperature.
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When you dress, do you prefer to go with what's fashionable or what's comfortable?
Comfortable. After all I'm the one who has to wear it.
Fashionable. I want to look my best.
Both. I don't see why fashion can't be comfortable.
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